Soft Skills

The International Business Training Association is a knowledge-centered organization committed to the training and certifying of business professionals to international standards. IBTA’s mission is to equip business professionals with the skills and certification required to meet and surpass business standards in our global industry.



CBP Business Improvement Series


The Certified Manager CBP™, is an award winning certification to help managers to develop their essential management skills as a first step toward building their leadership career.

The below programs will help managers to develop skills needed to manage their teams to achieve business objectives. Completion of below are required to have the CBP™ Certificate. Each course is governed with an international exam and certificate.

CBP Executive


The CBP Executive status is for professionals who wish to demonstrate expertise in all five (5) core CBP foundation courses which are Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Business Etiquette, and Business Communication. The CBPe is a business executive who has acquired a suite  of business skills and can also integrate into a variety of positions within corporations.

Candidates are required to pass all five of the foundation-level Certified Business Professional exams to achieve the CBP Executive designation.

CBP Master Executive


The CBP Master Executive program is for candidates who wish to specialize and gain mastery in specific business skills segments such as Business Management, Marketing, Project Management, and Computer Technology Specialist. The CBPme is a business executive who possesses core business skills and has achieved mastery in a specific business field.

To achieve the CBP Master Executive designation, candidates must complete all five foundation-level Professional exams and pass one of the following CBP elective certifications: Project Management, Business Management, Marketing & Computer Technology

CBP™ CI – Certified Instructor

The CBP CI ™ (CBP Certified Trainer) program is for candidates who wish to specialize and gain mastery in Trainer of trainers filed.