MSP® Practitioner

The Certifeka MSP® Practitioner course teaches students to apply MSP® (Managing Successful Programs) to real live programs and prepares them for the associated exam.

For Groups

  • For groups of 3 or more students/colleagues who need certification.
  • Tailored courses and customized learning times to suit specific requirements.
  • Self-Paced, Online Classroom and In-person options available.
  • Access to highly-trained MSP® instructors & great networking opportunities.

For Enterprise

  • Bespoke certification training for businesses of all sizes.
  • Work with Certifeka to create a learning solution that fits specific requirements.
  • Intuitive learning management system dashboard for enhanced reporting, tracking of employee progress and overall ROI.
  • Enriched culture-building training experience.

Learning Methods

  • Online Classroom

    Provides real-time personalized learning with live instructors.

    For groups of 3 or more – to log in at set times and work through the course material with a MSP® expert.

    The benefits of collaborative classroom-based learning from the comfort of any device.

  • Bootcamp

    Provides personalized training with an experienced instructor.

    Designed for groups of 3 or more – great for networking – to learn in a classroom environment where students are taught by MSP® experts in person.

About The MSP® Practitioner Training Course

This course builds on knowledge learnt in the MSP® Foundation certification, and aims to confirm that the student is prepared to act as an informed member of a program management team, someone responsible for managing, leading, supporting or advising on work within an MSP® environment. This course focuses on the application of MSP® in program scenarios. The available learning methods – Online Classroom & Bootcamp – utilize personalized exercises and case studies to prepare students for the MSP® Practitioner exam.


Key Learning Features

Upon successful completion of this course, students will understand:

  • 1 Identify additional value as a result of managing the described change as an MSP® programme.
  • 2 Explain each of the MSP® principles, the governance themes and the transformational flow activities.
  • 3 Explain the relationship between the MSP® principles, governance themes, the transformational flow, programme information (documents) and the MSP® defined programme management roles; and apply that understanding.
  • 4 Apply each of the MSP® principles, governance themes and transformational flow processes.
  • 5 Produce or evaluate examples of MSP® programme information (documents).
  • 6 Identify activities that should be undertaken during each of the processes of the transformational flow, together with the accountabilities and responsibilities of each of the defined roles.
  • 7 Understand which management products are input to, output from, and updated in each of the six transformational flow processes.

Course Audience

  • Programme managers who may have a background in managing projects, but have not previously operated in a transformational change environment.
  • Senior managers who will “sponsor” the change, or perhaps be held accountable for its success.
  • Programme office staff (PMO) wishing to build upon their project management knowledge.
  • Experienced project managers.
  • Business change managers.
  • Senior Responsible Owners (a.k.a. programme executives).
  • Other specialist/governance roles involved in supporting programmes that follow the MSP guidance, as well as those wishing to pursue higher level qualifications (e.g., programme managers).

Course Prerequisites

  • Participants must have refreshed their MSP® 2011 knowledge prior to the course.
  • Participants should ideally have experience of managing or working in programmes prior to attending.
  • Knowledge of the PRINCE2® project management method is advantageous, but by no means mandatory. Some exposure to a project management method will aid understanding of how the programme works with these projects.

Course Preview

Exam prerequisites

  • Successful completion of  the MSP® Foundation exam.
  • Successful completion of the MSP® Practitioner course from an accredited provider.

Exam Details

2.5 Hours To Complete
8 In-Depth Questions
Closed Book Exam
50% Pass Score
Web & Paper Based

Have a special Request or Need More Information?


Does Certifeka provide the exam?

Certifeka provides the voucher for the exam and assists in the exam application process.

Where is the exam?

The exam can be taken either: in the classroom, on the last day of the course; or online, at the student’s convenience.

When is the exam?

Exams can be taken on the last day of the course, or at an arranged time convenient for the student.

How long is my voucher valid for?

Exam vouchers are valid for six months from the date of issuance.

When do I need to register for the exam?

The examination can be scheduled at your convenience. Once you are ready to take the

exam, contact us and you will receive an exam voucher code.

How do I download the exam application?

When necessary, we will help with the exam application download.


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