Professional Cloud Service Manager

The Certifeka Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM) provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to design and deliver cloud services, and prepares them for the associated exam.



For Groups

  • For groups of 3 or more students/colleagues who need certification.
  • Tailored courses and customized learning times to suit specific requirements.
  • Self-Paced, Online Classroom and In-person options available.
  • Access to highly-trained PCSM instructors & great networking opportunities.

For Enterprise

  • Bespoke certification training for businesses of all sizes.
  • Work with Certifeka to create a learning solution that fits specific requirements.
  • Intuitive learning management system dashboard for enhanced reporting, tracking of employee progress and overall ROI.
  • Enriched culture-building training experience.

Learning Methods

  • Online Classroom

    Real-time learning with live instructors in a digital setting.

    For groups of 3 or more – to log in at set times and work through the course material with a Cloud Technology expert. The benefits of classroom-based learning from the comfort of any device.

  • Bootcamp

    In-person training with one of our expert instructors.

    Designed for groups of 3 or more – great for networking – this option allows students to learn in a physical classroom environment and meet Cloud Technology experts in person.

About The Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM) Training Course

In an increasingly interconnected and complex IT environment, IT management is under pressure to deliver more agile IT services and adapt to change. This course prepares students to provide cloud computing strategies that meet these challenges and offer repeatable, flexible and scalable services. It teaches students to help organizations ensure measurable service delivery and management in cloud environments. The available learning methods – Online Classroom & Bootcamp – offer a hands-on, practical approach to understanding how cloud computing and cloud-based services impact operational processes, and how to adapt existing processes to deliver better services.


Key Learning Features

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:



  • 1 Recall cloud service management terminology, definitions, and concepts.
  • 2 Explain basic terminology related to cloud service management.
  • 3 Analyze an organization’s strategic assets and capabilities to successfully design, deploy, and run cloud services.
  • 4 Identify and explain important roles involved in cloud service management.
  • 5 Compare the relationship between cloud provider and cloud consumer.
  • 6 Differentiate between potential risks and benefits of adopting a cloud strategy.
  • 7 Produce an initial cloud adoption strategy.
  • 8 Illustrate the benefits and drive the adoption of cloud-based services within an organization.

Course Audience

  • IT Managers and CIOs
  • Service Managers (with or without an ITIL background)
  • Service Management Professionals
  • Cloud Strategy and Management Consultants
  • Service Architects, Technical Pre-Sales Consultants
  • IT Professionals

Course Prerequisites

  • No formal prerequisites.
  • Recommended that participants are conversant with cloud concepts and vocabulary, and Recommended that students have achieved the Cloud Technology Associate certification (or its equivalent).
  • Students further benefit from a strong background in IT service management; who have one or more ITIL® certifications or practical experience in applying ITIL® and IT service management best practices.

Course Preview

Module 11: Exam Preparation Guide

Exam prerequisites

  • Recommended that students complete the Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM) training from an accredited training provider.

Exam Details

75 Minutes (15 minutes extra for non-native English speakers)
25 Questions
Closed Book Exam
64% Pass Score
Paper/Web Based

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How long is my voucher valid for?

Exam vouchers are valid for six months from the date of issuance.

When do I need to register for the exam?

The examination can be scheduled at your convenience. Once you are ready to take the

exam, contact us and you will receive an exam voucher code.

How do I download the exam application?

When necessary, we will help with the exam application download.

Does Certifeka provide the exam?

Certifeka provides the voucher for the exam and assists in the exam application process.

Where is the exam?

The exam can be taken either: in the classroom, on the last day of the course; or online, at the student’s convenience.


When is the exam?

Exams can be taken on the last day of the course, or at an arranged time convenient for the student.


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