Nov 2016

Certifeka is born out of our Founder’s frustration with the certification training industry.

April 2016

An initial core multinational team is built to explore options and design a platform.

Oct 2017

After many mistakes and lessons learned, the new and improved Certifeka comes into view.

Jan 2018

First version of www.certifeka.com launched.

May 2018

First Certifeka student books exam and gets certified. First team from Fresenius Medical Care joins.


Continued growth, and focus on Just in Time (JIT) learning towards a digital library of certifications.

How It Starts

In 2015, Certifeka was an ambitious idea, born of frustration with the online certification industry for lack of true value – no customization, strict schedules, poorly-produced materials, etc.

Until early 2016, when we dove in to experiment, learn quickly, and create a much better solution.

Certifeka Today

After years of work, investment, and earning accreditation Certifeka is an eLearning & training management solution for certification prep.

Our platform provides high-demand certifications and
the flexibility to learn in three versatile ways: Self-Paced, Online Classroom, and Bootcamp.

The Vision

The heart of our vision is this – we’re working hard to transform Certifeka into the most interactive global training platform in the world.

A place where individuals, groups, and companies completely tailor their approach to certification – enriched, collaborative, and comprehensive. Join us!

Our Mission

Getting professionals the right content, from the right experts, with the right peers, at the right time.

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